Monday, February 26, 2007

Virginity loses

Virginity loses


Top sex
stories's fragments

  • A small vest laced loosely
    together kept my chest modestly covered but that was all that
    was modest. I wondered a bit about the bottom half of the outfit
    but after seeing the man that greeted me I was confident it
    would be a hit. The piece I had decided on consisted of a broad
    leather belt with a thin strap down the back...

  • I smiled and headed upstairs where I found a pair of black
    pantyhose, dog collar, blindfold and Walkman  laid out on
    the bed along with another note.

Virginity loses. Adult? Enter!

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Pulling pussy lips
Uniform domination
Undressing hidden cams
Wet strapon
Whore slut
Whore throat
Swallowing cock
Voyeur houswives
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Top sex
stories's fragments

  • When Sherry returned home we both found it exciting, sexually,
    that she had been with another man and things sense have built
    from there. I guess one thing led to another and with time I
    myself began to play on her guilt with asking her to do more
    brave things in our sex life.

  • I shook off the last few drops and my “toilet” gave my soft dick
    a few wet kisses before going back under the spray of water
    still gushing over his shoulder.